About us

Panacea Wellness Pte Ltd was founded in Singapore in 2013, with the objective in delivering a holistic and natural approach as an alternative choice for health and wellness enhancement. Adopting a non-invasive and drug-free approach which is effective and safe for almost all individuals, we aim to reach out to more people in supporting our body to restore optimum health in the most natural way. With its perfected methodology and vast experience in the practice of using electromagnetic waves to aid in the recovery of illnesses and chronic diseases as well as strengthening of the body’s immune system and general health, Panacea Wellness has helped many people relief their discomfort and overcome their conditions. With years of proven track record, Panacea Wellness is the market leader in bioresonance therapy. With our team of highly trained and professional specialists in the administration of advanced and improved bioresonance therapy, our clients are ensured the utmost in professionalism and quality service in our friendly and approachable environment. This unique therapy method is carried out via the use of electro-punctural mechanism and bioresonance mechanism, the specificity of which can be determined by an initial non-invasive screening via a bioresonance diagnostic software perfected by Panacea Wellness to aid in the selection of highly specific therapy programs that yield results.

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“I was diagnosed with endometriosis since 22 years old and since then, been experiencing reoccurrences of Endometriomas cysts even after surgical removal of the cysts. In July 2017, I was again diagnosed with 2 cysts, 1 on each ovary. After going through 3 months of bioresonance therapy, in November 2017, my ultrasound report shows that not only had the cysts reduced in size, the endometrial thickness has also reduced.” · Bernd Beagle ·
"I had Dermatomycosis in 2009. Since 2009, I have to take lots of medication to control it. I started bioresonance therapy in September 2014, and by end of November 2014, my blood test results show my T cells improved, back to normal range." · Bernd Beagle ·
“I have been sending my mum for bioresonance therapy almost a year for her Parkinson’s. Since then, she has been able to lead a better quality life with less pain and suffering.” · Bernd Beagle ·
"I was diagnosed with an eye condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) that causes deterioration of one’s eyesight. Since I started bioresonance therapy in December 2014, my eye function has been improving." · Bernd Beagle ·